delta 34-895 miter gauge

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Delta Table Saw 34-895 miter gauge is designed for machines with Delta 3 / 8 x 3 / 4 inch below the tabs. It has a heavy steel, and a range of 120 degrees at the corner of the many cuts and shapes. Installation is quick and easy, and the size is adjustable with stops at 45 and 90 degrees. The system is drilled and tapped in the terminal 34-568 (sold separately), which further improves the accuracy to confirm.

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zero clearance bandsaw inserts (set of 5), for delta bandsaws

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The fragmentation and degradation, and maintaining a slight drop in autumn between the blade and wheels. This rigid plastic inserts snap to the old routine, the deterioration of the plate to replace. Perfect for parties, offering small and fragile, and wood of the epidemic, this adds a solid base for your stay in very little Delta Band Saw. No friend of the sawtooth. Sold in sets of platelets 5.Delta 2-1/2 “(APS diameter) x 2-3/16” (lips)

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delta u30 30-inch table saw unifence

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The U30 DELTA 30 “Delta Table Saw Unifence anodized aluminum and feature a durable fence 2 position of the face. It Work ‘can quickly stop, the cuts on the field, and the accuracy of the crack. One key system with three points to keep the fence parallel to the blade, and a hairline pointer with built-in stainless steel strip has an accuracy of 1 / 64 of an inch. It can rip both sides of the paper.

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